Summer Shakespeare


The Tempest (2017)

Shakespeare in Hollow Park
July 21 & 22, 7:30pm
Hollow Park,
Woodbury, CT
FREE (Suggested Donation $20)     

Shakespeare on the Shoreline
August 2 - 6, 7:30pm Town Green, Guilford, CT
FREE (Suggested Donation $20)    

Dr. David Richman returns to Shakesperience as Prospero! More information coming soon... 


Two Gentlemen of Verona (2016)

Two gentlemen, best friends since youth, part ways in Verona as one leaves for Milan. In time, both fall in love with the same girl in Milan, leaving a jilted girlfriend from Verona to follow them in disguise. Music, unrequited love, requited love, friendship, fools, and dogs, this Shakespeare classic comedy has it all! 


The Comedy of Errors (2015)

Twin boys are separated from their father for 25 years. Each has a servant, who is twin a twin to the other servant of the same name. They all converge on the same town, where their father has also arrived, condemned to death and determined to find his long-lost family before the end. It’s a common situation. Emily Mattina directs this wild confusion to its neat and happy conclusion.


King Lear (2014)

Mattina's King Lear investigates the choices we make for our children and family as well as the overall welfare of children: physically, emotionally, and educationally. Explore the essence of blindness, both literally and figuratively, to our own actions, consequences and blessings. 

Dr. David Richman, published author, actor, director, and professor at The University of New Hampshire, stars as King Lear. Dr. Richman’s real-life blindness gives a literal portrayal of the "blindness" in his character.  


Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Benedick & Beatrice. Claudio & Hero. Follow the romantic entanglements of Don Pedro’s friends on his visit to the house of Leonato. Shakesperience Artistic Director Emily Mattina directed the comedy classic for Summer 2013.  


Richard III (2012)

Witness the two most famous warring families in history battle for the crown. Travel with the larger–than-life Richard III, Shakespeare’s villain king, as he plots his way to the crown against the backdrop of the Tower of London. Emily Mattina directs Richard III to feature actors from community to support her resident company of veteran professional resident artists and wraps a larger than life deck of playing cards into the costume and set designs.  


A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011)

Our designing and performing artists weave a tale replete with live music, fantasy, dreams, and love to create Emily Mattina's A Midsummer Night’s Dream as you've never seen it before.  The Mechanicals set the scene as Puck prevails over this Arabian Nights inspired world, fairly coaxing, dancing, and forcing us through it, highlighting the pulse of life, the joy and trials of living, and the conflicts between head and heart.